Friday, April 22, 2016

The Seventies

The Seventies is an 8-part documentary series produced by CNN. It covers: 1. The television; 2. Watergate; 3. Vietnam; 4. Crime; 5. The presidencies (Ford and Carter); 6.The feminist movement and sexual revolution; 7. International terrorism; and 8. Music.

As a kid during that decade I didn't really know what was going on but I was aware of it all. And of course as I grew up I learned more and more about the era.

The episode on TV was fun and brought me back and impressed me with how much was innovative, socially relevant, and even radical. Because I am more familiar with the pop culture, this episode seemed a little fast and superficial and seemed to leave much out and not to go into enough detail.

The episodes on Watergate, Vietnam, and Ford to Carter to Reagan, ending the decade, were fascinating to me. Very informative (which perhaps says more about my ignorance), and left me feeling quite sad. I felt emotional when they showed Nixon resigning.

I thought the episode on Crime was very boring and hardly paid attention.

The episode on terrorism also seemed superficial. There were so many intense conflicts, there is no way to cover them all in an hour.

The women's movement episode was interesting, and kind of inspiring, but like the others, I wanted more depth and breadth.

The music episode wasn't that great either. Just sort of a review of different genres as they emerged.

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