Thursday, June 23, 2016


I enjoyed Melissa McCarthy's performance in St Vincent so much that when I saw the spoof, Spy, was streamable, I gave it try. I don't usually like either broad comedies or spy movies, so I didn't think this would be up my ally.

Surprise, surprise! I had a great time watching it! The plot was very engaging, the performances good humored and smooth (a great cast), and there were enough funny bits that worked that I have to say I really liked it. I was afraid it would be a stream of fat jokes, but it wasn't, although there was a lot of physical humor that relied at least in part of McCarthy's appearance.

Melissa McCarthy plays a dowdy CIA worker who remotely works with Jude Law, the sleek and fancy international operative. When he is taken down, she goes into the field and hilarity ensues!

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