Thursday, June 23, 2016

St. Vincent

I can't help it, I loved St. Vincent. It's sentimental and predictable, but it's part of a genre I love -- the unlikely friendship between a jaded grouch and a lonely little boy (Bad Santa, About a Boy, Up, etc). Also, it stars Bill Murray, so it can't go wrong.

Bill Murray plays a bitter, broke, grouchy Vietnam vet who's only social contact is a Russian hooker (Naomi Watts), until a recently divorced woman (Melissa McCarthy) moves in with her ten year old geeky son. Soon an arrangement is made for Bill Murray to look after the kid after school for a few hours each day.

Melissa McCarthy was so wonderful as the vulnerable and stressed newly single mom. Naomi Watts was great as Murray's companion. The dialogue was crisp and witty and the growing bond between the boy and Bill Murray, although not a surprise, was sweet and endearing.

The ending was a bit over-the-top corny, but it did the trick and I cried.

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