Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Last month I watched Amadeus, a movie I have seen several times and always love (I realize I watched it last in 2010).

It tells the story of Mozart and Salieri, through the eyes of the latter who is deeply bitter and jealous of Mozart's talent. Although Salieri has worked assiduously his whole life to create great music, when the young musical genius arrives on the scene in Vienna, Salieri soon realizes that he himself is a mediocre talent. His bitterness is made of unfathomable depths, as he rails against God who cursed his with desire and love for music, but not enough talent. He cannot let go of his bitterness and devises a plan to ruin Mozart's reputation and regard in Vienna (and in so doing inspires Don Giovanni).

Amadeus is wonderfully lush, beautiful, and in Salieri kind of camp. Really good stuff.

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