Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Departed

The other night I watched The Departed. What a gripping thriller! I had seen it before and loved it just as much as I did this second time around.

It stars Matt Damon, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Jack Nicholson. Damon and Di Caprio play parallel parts: one is involved with the Irish mob (run by Nicholson) and is working in the police department to help him run his operation. The other works for the police department and infiltrates Nicholson's team as an undercover agent.

The plot has lots of twists and turns as each is trying to find out the identity of the other, and as they each get closer to the truth the tension mounts. The acting was fantastic as was the pace of the storytelling. Truly one of my favorites.

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Anonymous said...

it was honored by the motion picture academy as well--one of the all-time bests...