Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking back on 2013

I've never done this before with this blog, but I'm going to do an end of the year roundup of favorites.

Fiction: I didn't read as much fiction as I would have liked this year. My favorites are a tie between Cha-Ching! by Ali Liebegott and Elect H. Mouse State Judge by Nelly Reifler.

Non-Fiction: My favorite non-fiction book was hands down Alysia Abbott's Fairyland; followed closely by David Sedaris' Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls.

Movies: I'm not going to look through all the movies I saw at home from Netflix, etc, but for those I saw in the theater it's a tie between Blue Jasmine and What Maisie Knew.

Documentaries: Really enjoyed Searching for Sugar Man.

Art: I saw a lot of great shows, such as the Magritte and the Balthus recently, but think for my favorite I have to say it was my whole experience at the Centre de Pompidou.

Theater: No question: Fun Home.

Live Music: The Maul Girls.

Opera: I saw a number of operas this year, and am going to say that Wagner's Die Walkure was my favorite, but it was hard to choose.

Dance: 2013 was the year of dance. I went to 14 dance events. I enjoyed them all, and don't really want to choose a favorite, but forcing myself I would say it was The New York City Ballet: All Robbins, because of the stunning final dance, "I'm Old Fashioned".

TV: I watched four series this year, and got really into all of them. Loved Enlightened, and a shout out to Orange is the New Black. But what really blew me away was the masterpiece The Sopranos.

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Anonymous said...

i like a lot of these--wish i could have seen 'i'm old fashioned'--was once blown away by a modern dress ballet with peter martins and a prima ballerina (forgot her name!) called 'sophisticated lady'--