Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Dangerous Method

A Dangerous Method is kind of a difficult film to form an opinion about. It is definitely intriguing and engrossing, but there seemed to be something missing that made it perplexing as well.

A Dangerous Method is about the early years of psychoanalysis and it focuses on the relationship between Jung, a female patient of his, and Freud. Although most of the drama was between Jung and the woman.

Sabina was first introduced to Jung as a hysteric patient in a hospital. She had an intense, convulsive, jerky manner, with her eyes popping in horror and her chin jutting out in disturbing ways. Through the new talking cure, her sexual repression and desires came to the surface and she overcame her symptoms. She then decided to become a psychiatrist. She also became Jung's lover. Throughout, Jung and Freud discuss ideas and their intellectual differences strain the friendship.

It takes place over a period of years, and maybe these jumps account for the fact that something seemed missing. In addition, although it was fascinating, there didn't seem to be an emotional core to the movie.

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