Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nutcracker Rouge

 OMG - WHAT A TREAT!!! Tonight I saw Nutcracker Rouge, performed by Company XIV. This burlesque take on the ballet was amazing -- so incredibly entertaining.

Very, very loosely following the original story, Company XIV takes Clara (now Marie Claire) on a festively erotic journey. Incorporating all sorts of music, from iconic parts of Tchaikovsky to jazz and even a rendition of Madonna's Material Girl, the show went from one incredible number to another. Wonderful dancing throughout.

Some of my favorites included the Licorice Boys -- doing an S&M dance to Tchaikovsky, the hoop/circus artist and Candy Cane girl, the androgynous Flamenco dancer, and, throughout, Shelly Watson as "Mrs. Drosselmeyer" MCing the show and singing amazingly -- she rocked Marlene Dietrich and Madonna, among others.

The costumes were glitter galore -- sparkling pasties and g-strings -- and very evocative, cool, and a bawdy. The set and costumes were designed by Zane Philstrom and were truly delicious.

(first image courtesy Meridita)

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