Saturday, March 22, 2014

Alonzo King LINES Ballet at The Joyce

Last night I saw Alonzo King LINES Ballet at The Joyce, a company I had seen perform in San Francisco two years ago. The program consisted of one long piece in two acts, Constellation, which in very abstract ways was intended to explore relations to the cosmos and stars -- although I really didn't get this at all.

The production was interesting. Many of the parts included a live mezzo-soprano on stage in a heavy burgundy dress, singing lugubriously, often in German. The set involved lights and balls, which the dancers at times directly interacted with.

Much of the dancing was fascinating and exiting. Definitely not boring. But the piece as a whole did not come together. All the different elements (set design, music, costumes, singer, dancing) didn't make sense to me. I might have preferred a sparse set. And the tone of the music, so somber, so grim, was kind of a downer. Again, the dancing I found superb. But I'm not sure if this is a company I'll check out again.

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