Sunday, March 30, 2014

Paul Taylor Dance

An amazing evening last night. Paul Taylor Dance at Lincoln Center! I love this company, which I had seen perform a few years ago at Lincoln Center Out of Doors on a sweltering night.

Last night's program was so great. It began with what turned out to be my favorite dance, "Airs" a crazy beautiful ethereal dance in eight parts choreographed to music by Handel. It was so elegant and graceful and perfect. The audience went mad with applause at the end.

I actually hated the second dance, "Fibers". Mainly it was the music, by Schoenberg. It just grated on my so much. And the strange robotic costumes and robotic movements. I thought all of us were in misery waiting for it to end, but when it did the audience seemed to have liked it very much and there was robust applause.

Then there was a fanciful, silly, frothy, fun confection of a dance, "Troilus and Cressida, (reduced)". And finally the magnificent and rousing "Mercuric Tidings" which I enjoyed as much as "Airs". It was an energetic, athletic, and exhilarating crowd-pleaser. Great way to end the evening.

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