Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Waifs and Strays

I was moved, gently transported by Micah Ballard's collection of poems, Waifs and Strays. The lines have an effortless flow to them. There is an intimacy here that is patient and does not overwhelm. I was also drawn in to a distinct sense of place, and recalled my days living in the Mission of San Francisco.

I really enjoyed the collection. My favorites tended to be the sonnet-length ones, though the longer ones were engrossing and captivating. I will quote here in its entirety one that I particularly like:

The Pines of Rome

Like orbs
An eventual eternity
Silver mirrors
& a punch mark in the celluloid
A sonic flashback
To perpetuate myths with Barbara Stanwyck
You see tanks & airplanes
Visiting troops to slip the veil
Multiple exposures
Ethereal & out of focus
Then you buy something invisible to wear
& bring your own life
A seamless narrative of voiceovers
Immediate means
Bright deliriums known by none

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