Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Wolf of Wall Street

I kinda hated The Wolf of Wall Street. I was repulsed by the whole thing. Yet I watched for three hours. It details the excesses of Wall Street, and tells the story of Jordan Belfort, an asshole who became a broker and rose to riches.

One of the things I hated was how meaningless and gross these riches were: prostitutes and drugs mostly. An incredibly exhausting amount of each. I know some people might look at this lifestyle and think, "Wow! That looks like fun!" -- but it made me feel like there's no reason to crave wealth because there's nothing to do with it.

I guess The Wolf of Wall Street was successful as a critique of materialism. And there was something about it that made me keep watching in spite of my repulsion. It was just so impossible to relate to on any level.

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Anonymous said...

your opinion was shared, even at that same time. I didn't like it either--and I saw it New Year's Eve--people were walking out!