Tuesday, April 7, 2015

GUTS at Dixon Place

Tonight I enjoyed two really fabulous performers at Dixon Place. Dia Felix has put together what so far is very much a marvelous series, Guts.

I got to see Morgan Bassichis deliver a monologue that started with reflections on the Going Clear documentary (which I just saw the other night) and a lifelong fascination with cults, then Morgan explored an interest in fathers, and ended with an engaging story about losing a friend a friend in the woods. Morgan was incredibly funny and just so great to watch.

Becca Blackwell's monologue centered on her relationship with her vibrator, from when it first entered her life to her present day involvement with it. Her humor is delivered in a polite, unassuming manner, but at the same time it's unapologetically in-your-face.

What made both performances so incredibly great was how amiable and conversational they were. They are just both very charismatic and talented artists.

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