Saturday, April 18, 2015

Joan Armatrading at the Concert Hall

Wow, such an amazing concert tonight. Epic greatness. Joan Armatrading was deep and gorgeous and electrifying and intense and beautiful. I am so glad I got a chance to see this concert. I have loved her music since the 80s and it is so familiar to me. I was pleased that she performed many of my favorites (her Love and Affection, The Weakness in Me, Willow, etc. all brought tears to my eyes). I was roused by Drop the Pilot. I also very much enjoyed and was enthralled by the songs that were less familiar to me. The crowd was totally in love with her and went crazy at numerous moments. I had such a great time, I wish I could go back and hear her perform again!

She did do an unusual thing, where she stopped the concert to go over a slide show showcasing her career from the early 70s up to the present. I didn't mind it all, but would have preferred the time spent singing more songs instead. Also, where we were sitting on the far left, the sound was slightly distorted.

Opening was Melissa Ferrick, who was great, and whose albums I am downloading STAT.

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