Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mystic Pizza

I have wanted to see Mystic Pizza forever, but it always seemed too frivolous. I finally caved and this  late-80s coming of age story is charming. Centering on three young friends in Mystic CT, a sort of summer tourist spot, where they are the working class townies, it explores their romantic struggles. The youngest, who will soon be starting as a Freshman at Yale (if she can come up with some money to help with her partial scholarship), has a deep, painful crush on a 30-year old man she babysits for. The character played by Julia Roberts is her sister, a sort of tough floozy with no direction in life, who becomes involved with a very rich law school drop out. The third character is played by Lili Taylor and she has a tremendously fulfilling relationship with her boyfriend, but is afraid of marriage and commitment.

It was so sweet seeing these actors at the very beginning of their careers. They were so young (Lili Taylor is adorable)! (It also includes Matt Damon in a very small role).

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