Thursday, December 10, 2015

Working Girl

When Working Girl was released in the 80s I was a know-it-all feminist art snob and I always had a knee-jerk critical disdain for mainstream hit movies. So I hated Working Girl back then.

I watched it over the weekend and was incredibly entertained. Sure, there are many cheesy elements and crass stereotypes. But the writing was fun, the plot was engaging, the actors were committed, and I was totally 100% into it.

I posted about it on Facebook and many people distinctly remembered many great lines:

"I've got a head for business, but a bod for sin."

"Who the fuck died and made you Grace Kelly?"

"Six thousand dollars???! Are you kidding me! It isn't even leather!"

"No one wants to see the quarter back passing around the Gatorade"

"Sometimes I sing and dance in my house in my underwear. That don't make me Madonna. Never will."

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