Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nurse Jackie

This month I binge watched all of Nurse Jackie. I loved this show! It started off kind of quirky and comedic but through the seasons (7 of them) became more intense and dramatic. It follows a devoted, tough-cookie of an emergency room nurse who is married with children and juggling an affair with a coworker. The show centers on her addiction to pills, and this becomes more and more of the driving force of the narrative towards the last few seasons.

Edie Falco is amazing as Jackie, although sometimes her hard-edged bravado becomes tiring. What really makes Nurse Jackie special is the supporting cast -- from her best friend, to her lover, to her boss, to her husband, her kids, her coworkers, particularly Zoey, my favorite. Their performances are great, their scenes often hysterical, and throughout the seasons it's their love and commitment to her that makes Jackie a real character and not just a caricature.

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