Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Obvious Child

I had read good reviews of Obvious Child when it first came out a little while ago. But I didn't want to see it because I found Jenny Slate to be so fucking obnoxious and unbearable on Parks and Recreation. I'm so glad I decided to get past that and give Obvious Child a try because it's a very sweet movie. Jenny Slate is terrific in it. She plays a young struggling comedian who gets pregnant after a one-night stand. Sounds boring, right? But it isn't. The movie is both raunchy and delicate. Jenny Slate's character has a neurotic in-your-face style that is tempered by lots of charm. The scenes are often very funny, but there is a gentle realism going on that makes this tender without being corny at all.

The movie gets it's title from the Paul Simon song, which is played during an important scene, and lends a beautiful tone to the whole thing.

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