Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Truman Show

I loved The Truman Show. I loved it when it first came out in '98 and I loved it the second time around. It was so ahead of it's time. It was made before reality TV existed (maybe The Real World had started, I don't know). It worked on several different levels. It's an ironic social commentary on consumerism and the dangers of TV watching. It has a strong existential theme, about finding yourself (uhg) and going past your boundaries and questioning your existence. It works as a light-hearted comedy. And there was a real sweet sentimentality to it. I got choked up both times when Truman finally hits the fourth wall and weeps.

I really enjoy high concept pieces like Groundhog Day and the Spotless Mind thing. I like suspending my disbelief for these things, and I like the way I am mentally engaged in the concept. I like watching how they take the concept and work it out to it's end.

This was the perfect movie to watch while making my imperfect Oreo balls.

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